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2017 Ali Can Demirkesen, Fatih Evrendilek Compositing climate change vulnerability of a Mediterranean region using spatiotemporally dynamic proxies for ecological and socioeconomic impacts and stabilities ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT

Volume: 189

Issue: 1 Article Number: 29



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2017 Ali Can Demirkesen, Fatih Evrendilek Digital Terrain Characterization And Interpretation Of Lake Van Region For Earthquake Vulnerability Combining Remote Sensing And Geographical Information Systems FRESENIUS ENVIRONMENTAL BULLETIN

Volume: 26

Issue: 2A Pages: 1745-1755


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2017 Hasan Engin Duran, Alexandra Ferreira-Lopes Determinants of comovement and of lead and lag behavior of business cycles in the Eurozone International Journal of Applied Economics 10.1080/02692171.2016.1249830
2016 Koray Velibeyoğlu Regional Acupuncture for Izmir Peninsula: Creating Capital Web for Creative Eco-tourism Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology 17, No 2, 666–674 ISSN : 1311-5065

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2016 Ali Can Demirkesen Flood hazard vulnerability for settlements of Turkey’s province of Edirne, using ASTER DEM data and Landsat-7 ETM+ image data Arabian Journal of Gerosciences, 9 (3) 189



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2016 Mehmet Penpecioglu Alienated and politicized? Young planners’ confrontation with entrepreneurial and authoritarian state intervention in urban development in Turkey EUROPEAN PLANNING STUDIES

Volume: 24

Issue: 6

Pages: 1037-1055


2016 Yelda Mert, Nicel Saygın Energy efficient building block design: An exergy perspective ENERGY

Volume: 102

Pages: 465-472


2016 İlgi Atay Kaya,

Nursen Kaya Erol


Conflicts over Locally Unwanted Land Uses (LULUs): Reasons and solutions for case studies in Izmir (Turkey) LAND USE POLICY

Volume: 58

Pages: 83-94


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2015 Işın Can,

Tim Heath

In-Between Spaces and Social Interaction: A Morphological Analysisi of Izmir Using Space Syntax Journal of Housing and the Built Environment 10.1007/s10901-015-9442-9
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Volume: 48

Pages: 61-75




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